Meet your match


Matchpoint is a Valentine's Day matchmaking service created specifically for LHS students. Take the survey and our algorithm will give you a list of your best shots at true love.


The Process

When does the survey open? When do results come out?

The survey opens at 12:00 AM on February 10th; the survey then closes four days later, on Valentine's Day at 12:00 AM. Results will come out in the morning: stay posted!

What do I have to do to sign up?

Log in with your account. This gives us access to your name and email, and confirms you're a student. (We never get access to your password or any other information.)

The Survey

What are the questions like?

Light-hearted, but they reveal a surprising amount about your innermost self. They're all multiple choice, and shouldn't take more than 15-20 minutes of thought.

Can I read the questions without taking part in the survey?

Theoretically, yes. But why would you want to??

Can I change my answers after I submit?

Yes! Just log back in anytime before V-Day, and you will be able to edit your answers.

The Algorithm/Results

How many matches will I get?

Most people will get 3-4 matches, but the exact numbers will depend on how many people sign up.

Who will I match with?

Students of your preferred gender(s), mostly in your grade, who our algorithm deems compatible with you. Maybe even your crush ;)

General Questions

What happens to my data?

Survey answers and matches will be treated as confidential. Your personal data will never be sold, shared, or released in a form that can be traced back to you.

Something's broken!

Uh-oh. If refreshing and logging out and back in doesn't help, contact us and we'll get it fixed ASAP.

Can I help?

If you enjoy graphic design, marketing, statistics, web design, algorithms, psychology, or humor, then yes! Tell us a bit about yourself and we'll reach out.